June 2018: In Review


Places travelled

Portugal (Lisbon)

Spain (Seville)

UK (Alton Towers)

Money spent


The end of June marks the halfway point of the year, and it’s amazing to look back at the past six months for us. We’ve visited so many incredible places, and we hope to continue visiting many more!


Lisbon: 2 – 4 June

Lisbon is the vibrant capital of Portugal, and we realised as soon as we arrived that two days was not enough to explore the city. We made the most of what time we did have though, seeking out historic landmarks, delicious food, and picture-perfect streets. Highlights included more pasteis de nata, an all-you-can-eat-and-drink sushi buffet, the iconic yellow trams, and a shot of ginjinha – a local sweet cherry liqueur.

View of Lisbon from TOPO rooftop bar

Seville: 4 – 7 June

We absolutely loved Seville, and can envisage ourselves spending a lot more time there in the future. We have already put together several articles on Seville, including a travel diary, a photo diary, a travel guide, and a list of all of our favourite tapas!

Joe looking out at Seville at Metropol Parasol in a Supreme hat

Alton Towers: 27-29 June

We spent a few days at Alton Towers theme park in the UK, and it was so much fun! We both love roller coasters and have talked about going to a theme park for years but never got around to it. Some of the rides at Alton Towers are awesome. We went with my brother, and it was cool to spend time with him too.

The new Wicker Man wooden roller coaster ride at Alton Towers theme park


Here’s a breakdown of how much we spent in June:

Accommodation: £202.41

It was easy to find cheap accomodation in Seville and Lisbon. We couldn’t believe how great the value was there! When we visited Alton Towers, we stayed in a converted B&B about 25 minutes drive from the theme park to save even more money.

Transportation: £234.27

Cheap flights around Europe meant that we were able to save lots of money on transport this month too. We flew from Lisbon to Seville, and then back to London, making use of the best deals we could find on various airlines. We’re able to save a lot of money by being flexible with our travel dates, as some days are considerably cheaper to fly than others.

Food: £413.77

Our food came in below budget this month. When we go out to eat we usually try to share meals. It’s a great way to still try delicious foods, but save money and usually be healthier too.

Drinks: £149.58

We like going to coffee shops to get work done, which bumps this number up. When we’re travelling, we don’t normally go too crazy with expensive alcohol, and we don’t normally drink that much when we are at home.

Activities: £152.65

The tickets to Alton Towers were about £50 each for a three day pass, which we thought was pretty good value. Our other more costly activity this month was going to a flamenco show in Seville, which was incredible!

Savings & Student Loan: £300

These are automated payments that will go out every month.

Bills: £117.13

All of our usual bills. Kayla has a new phone contract this month, which should save us some more money going forward.

Shopping: £104

We managed to be pretty conservative with our shopping this month. There are definitely moments when we both want to buy things, but we know that we’d rather put our money towards travelling more.

Total spent: £1,673.81

Final thoughts

We’re both very pleased with how much we were able to cut back on our spending this month, while still having a great time travelling. It seems obvious, but the destinations you choose to visit really do have a huge impact on how much you need to spend. If you’re looking for a city break on a budget, Seville could be the perfect place!

Joe and Kayla sitting at the painted tile seats at Plaza de Espana in Seville, Spain



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