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Here is some of the gear that we take with us on our travels, as well as the websites that we use to make sure we are always getting the best deals.

Heads up: we've got some affiliate links here. This doesn't charge you any extra, but means we get a little commission if you make a purchase. Read our full disclosure here.

We'll constantly be updating these travel resources, so check back regularly to see if there's anything you need!


We have some equipment that we take with us on every trip to help us with our travel, photography, and blogging. To see the full list, take a look at our packing list essentials.

We almost exclusively use when searching for accommodation in new places. It has the best prices available, and most places allow free cancellation which is really useful.

Amazon is our favourite place to buy things! We'll often find that if we come across something we like in a store, we can usually find it cheaper on Amazon. This is especially helpful with books, as you can then have it delivered to your home instead of having to carry it around while you travel.

To shop on the Amazon UK site, click here.

To shop on the Amazon US site, click here.