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Travel Diaries: St Patrick’s Day in Dublin

We spent St Patrick’s Day weekend in Dublin with my friend Rebecca and we had such a good time! In 2014 I spent St Patrick’s Day there, and it was cool but also a bit of a mess. I didn’t have a working phone, got separated from my friends for a bit, and had a breakdown before eventually finding them again. I also may have had a little too much to drink. So this year I was excited to try it again.

Irish flag outside Heineken Tower in Dublin

Joe and I arrived on the Friday night from Belfast. We got the bus down and it was an absolutely gorgeous drive. (I definitely didn’t get as much as work done as I’d planned to.) Once we got into Dublin, we stopped at Boojum with Rebecca for a delicious dinner, picked up some green gear (face tattoos included), and headed home for an early (ish) night.

St Patrick’s Day

We headed out in the morning to watch the parade, which I really wanted to see after missing it the last time. Unfortunately it was a bit of a disappointment – mostly because I couldn’t see anything. Being short is pretty annoying. It was also a very slow-moving parade – all in all just not the best I’ve “seen.” I was still buzzing though!

St Patrick's Day decorations at Temple Bar in Dublin


We’d sneakily drank some tinnies during the parade (fun fact: it’s actually not legal to drink in the street despite the fact that everyone is doing it) so our first stop was trying to find a bathroom. This is not the easiest thing to do in Europe. We went into a McDonald’s, only to find a security guard blocking the way to the bathrooms for those with no receipt. Back out into the cold for us. We finally found a bar and shoved our way through the crowd, as you have to do pretty much everywhere on St Paddy’s Day.

Another fun fact for the Americans out there:

Although it is spelled PATrick, the shorter name is spelled “Paddy” and not “Patty.” People over here shake their heads when Americans say Patty. I just found out about this so I’m graciously passing the knowledge on to you.

Traditional Irish Pub in Dublin

We spent a lot of the day in Badass Bar, listening to live music. Basically the same songs over and over again. It was all good fun though. We wandered around a little bit, but honestly it was too cold to spend long outside, and most of the bars had really long lines so we mostly stayed put. Embarrassingly Joe and I ate at McDonald’s not once, but twice that day. It was nearby and cheapish, what can I say. Overall it wasn’t a crazy day, we just had a good time hanging out with people, singing songs, and drinking lots.

Exploring the city

We had an extra day to see Dublin afterwards, although again this was hampered by not just the cold, but snow as well. As much as we want to be easygoing while traveling, snow does put a bit of a damper on things. We did our best though. Our first stop was Trinity College, which admittedly did look stunning covered in snow. It’s such a gorgeous college campus; I can’t imagine seeing that every day walking to classes. We decided to skip going into the library; there was a massive queue, plus it’s not super cheap to go in.

Trinity College in the snow, Dublin

Joe at Trinity College in the snow, Dublin

Next we wandered down Grafton Street, full of shops and restaurants. We stopped in Bewley’s Bakery and loaded up on some delicious pastries before wandering around St. Stephen’s Green. The gardens looked so lovely covered in snow! After we’d snapped our pics we went into St. Stephen’s Shopping Centre to eat our pastries; there’s a lovely food court overlooking the green.

Delicious pastries on display at Bewley's Cafe and Bakery, Dublin

Lake at St Stephen's Green in the snow, Dublin

Next we went back in to the Temple Bar area to find a place for a drink. There’s so many places to choose from, but we went into The Stag’s Head to warm up a bit. Joe had a Guinness, which is known to taste better in Dublin. We learned this is because it’s brewed in Dublin and doesn’t travel well. I’m not a beer drinker, so I went for a refreshing Kopparberg Strawberry and Lime, a true classic. We stayed there in the warm pub for a while before heading back into the cold. We spent the evening at Rebecca’s playing a riveting game of Harry Potter trivia, before heading to Galway the next day – the starting point for our Wild Atlantic Way road trip.

Grafton Street in Dublin, Ireland

We’d love to visit again soon!

It’s usually not too expensive to get to Dublin from London, so we’d love to go back and check out Kilmainham Gaol and the Guinness Storehouse. Preferably when the weather is a bit nicer. Do you have any recommendations for less touristy things to do?




  1. Donetta Dalman on 5th May 2018 at 9:34 pm

    Love it! I don’t get the Paddy thing but I guess if that’s what they do there! haha!! Sounds like a fun place to visit though!

    • Kayla on 6th May 2018 at 4:26 pm

      I don’t get it either! haha. It’s definitely a fun city 🙂

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