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7 Reasons The West Coast Of Ireland Should Be Your Next Adventure

A road trip along the west coast of Ireland should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Here are 7 reasons to choose this beautiful part of the world for your next adventure!

1. The landscapes are breathtaking

Expect to see gorgeous beaches, towering cliffs, snow-capped mountains, picturesque lakes, and much more. Take a camera and  you will no doubt aspire to be a landscape photographer by the end of your trip. Be sure you leave extra time in your itinerary to stop and marvel at yet another magnificent landscape at every turn.

7 Reasons The West Coast Of Ireland Should Be Your Next Adventure: Cliffs of Moher

2. There are wonderful places to stay

There is an endless supply of cute B&Bs, farmhouses, hotels, and luxury resorts that you won’t want to leave. Our favourite was Tower View B&B in Dingle – we could have spent days sitting in the bay window overlooking the gorgeous scenery outside.

3. The food is delicious

Particularly the breakfasts at the aforementioned B&Bs. A full Irish breakfast is similar to a full English but with a few notable differences. It will most likely include black and white pudding – I wasn’t a fan until I tried it in Ireland. (Kayla refuses to try.) It’s also served with delicious Irish soda bread, and if you’re really lucky, maybe a potato farl or two.

4. It’s home to one of the world’s best road trips

The Wild Atlantic Way is a coastal road that runs along the entire west coast of Ireland. It’s 2,500km of fantastic driving, and you won’t regret renting a car and taking time to explore everything the west coast of Ireland has to offer.

Ireland is also one of the only places in Europe where you won’t be charged a young driver surcharge if you are under 25.

5. Irish culture

There’s none quite like it. Sit in an Irish pub drinking Irish beer listening to live traditional Irish music. Are you feeling green yet?

The town of Dingle has over 50 pubs to quench the thirst of a population of just 2,000 people, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

6. It’s great for wildlife spotting

There’s some great wildlife to seek out in ireland. It’s an Irish stereotype to get stuck behind a herd of sheep or cows grazing at the side of the road. Alternatively, take a boat tour to see dolphins, seals, and maybe even a killer whale. There’s great bird watching too – puffins, shags, terns, and plenty more. Little Skellig island is home to the second largest gannet colony in the world.

7. There’s something for everyone

For the adventurous types, there are numerous scenic hiking trails to suit every fitness level. Try your hand at watersports, or spend your time relaxing on gorgeous beaches. Those interested in history can explore castles and museums. Movie lovers can see iconic shooting locations from blockbusters such as Star Wars and Harry Potter.

And if your idea of a holiday includes plenty of drinking, you’re going to love the Irish pubs. Take the Dingle Distillery tour to discover the history of Irish whiskey.

7 Reasons The West Coast Of Ireland Should Be Your Next Adventure: Flaggy Shore

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